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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  September 3, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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>>megyn: welcome back to the time-warner cable arena in charlotte, north carolina. this is usually a basketball facility. would plays here? the charlotte bobcats. if you want to watch a sports fan, you should not be watching me but you should stay tuned for shepard smith who has made it to charlotte. he is ready to continue programming with you. welcome back. >>shepard: there is no hurricane. have you had a nice time? >>megyn: no one is here. >>shepard: good to see you. the democrats are not the only ones campaigning here this week. we will have details on the speech from the vice presidential nominee, paul ryan, in his key battleground state. with a day until the democratic national convention kicks off,
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we are learning more about the platform on issues from economy, to abortion, to immigration rights. and across the state of louisiana and the gulf coast, hundreds of thousands are reportedly without power after the complete drenching from the hurricane. we are live in new orleans. it is all coming up, unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b" this afternoon. first from fox at 3:00 in charlotte, north carolina, the democrats are gathering for the national convention to formally nominate president obama for re-election. it kicks off tomorrow here. well hear from former presidents jimmy carter and bill clinton. we will also hear from the first lady and many others. michelle obama is supposed to walk across the stage in a couple of minutes from now. in three days, the convention will move down the road to the stadium which is the bank of america stadium. it is bigger and seats about 50,000 more people. that is where the president will
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deliver his prime time speech to the nation. the task? make the case for another four years despite the sluggish economy and high unemployment rate. on this labor day they are trying to remind voters the president inherited an economic mess. he did. but the numbers present tough odds. no president since roosevelt has won re-election with unemployment above 7.2 percent. the rate now is 8.3 percent. and mitt romney is gaining ground in key swing states, including here in north carolina. we will start off with mike emanuel. there is backlash from a key democratic constituency for holding the democratic national convention here. we are lacking in union workers here. >>reporter: north carolina is the right-to-work state. the union membership here in north carolina is the lowest by percentage in the country at less than three percent. organized labor is not happy.
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today, this is a celebration ahead of the convention with the union flare. plenty of music, food, and family fun, open to the delegate and members of the public for free. rather than spending on the convention they spent $8 million last time around with organizing labor spending more on more grass root activists such as this one. but today in toledo it is clear thatted afl-cio president is strongly behind the democratic ticket. >> mitt romney is doing the wrong things. what he is doing is beneath the dignity of the american people. we will not let him win. >>reporter: organized labor is not happy with the location but they are clearly behind the obama and biden ticket. the contracts have allowed for union workers to get some of the
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work here in the work for the convention. >>shepard: the democrats are bringing in insiders to talk about governor romney work at bain capital. what do you have on that? >>reporter: officials confirm that two people who worked for bain capital, mitt romney's follower firm, will speak to the democratic convention not only speaking to the did thes, but, also, to those around the country watching on television and also on the internet. it is not clear who they are or what they will say. clearly, the hope is from the democratic perspective, they will be able to neutralize mitt romney's private sector expense which has been a strong selling point in his candidacy. >>shepard: thank you, mike, from charlotte. the democratic national convention come as few days after the republicans wrapped up their convention. of that, much of the time was spent blasting the president. and now, erin, great to see you. last week, to sum it up, how
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would you do that? >>reporter: hurricane isaac took away from the conference. >>shepard: that is what i was doing. i missed tampa. >>guest: it took away a lot of that. the republicans were trying to undermine president obama's record. a lost what the republicans were doing in tampa was very much about improving mitt romney's imaging knowing that the democratic convention was coming a week later and that president obama will get the ultimate bounce after this convention, all they wanted to do was make mitt romney seem like a regular guy. >>shepard: from what i saw and i read, they managed to do that. he clearly is a great family guy. he is feeling the love and feeling your pain and all that. >>guest: we should see the favorability ratings going up, but it will take a couple of weeks to cycle. that is what is expected, the image numbers will improve. >>shepard: there was so much of outside distractions including the hurricane.
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>>guest: right. so the fear is that not enough americans tuned in. the polls say today it was the lowist rated written nominee speech since bob dole in 1996, not what they were looking for but we should still see the numbers go up. >>shepard: conservatives made it clear from the going, back when his party was calling him the massachusetts moderate, they looked for a real conservative which they got from paul ryan. he had big night. >>guest: not just paul ryan but scott walker is seen as a conservative hero, getting the biggest reaction from 9 crowd in the hall until mitt romney because everyone is excited about the nominee. >>shepard: and bain capital will be a big topic? >>guest: democrats think these attacks on bain have worked in north carolina and other swing states. they think in ohio they have taken a huge toll and he will have to do a lot of work in he
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he to repair -- in ohio to repair his image. >>shepard: now paul ryan will be here? >>guest: yes, they want to steal the thunder of president obama. >>shepard: thank you, erin. republican nominee, mitt romney, does not have public events scheduled but his running mate, paul ryan, is spending the labor day stumping here in north carolina. he spoke in east carolina university, about four hours east of charlotte and tried to hammer home a major republican talking point, asking folks they are bet egg off now than four years ago. >>guest: when you look at what we will hear in charlotte today, he cannot say he is better off
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or you are better off than you were four years ago. >>shepard: remember president obama won here in north carolina in 2008 by 17,000 votes only. a new newspaper shows governor romney neck and neck with the president 47 percent to 43 percent, inside the margin of error. karl cameron? >>reporter: it boils down to don't buy the hype in charlotte. the g.o.p. has been boasting about the bracketing effort since before their convention saying it is unrivaled and unmatched new threshhold of how aggressive a party can shut down the other party. when vice president biden announced he would try to make two campaign stops in florida during the republican national convention in tampa, that opened the door for republicans to go at it openly and hard. so, here is paul ryan today in
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income -- north carolina. what he was doing was saying, again, president obama made a lost promises and when you take a look at the jobs and the economic record, a lot of them have not been lived up to or kept here is a sample. >> we will hear a lot of words from charlotte this week. but here is the kind of words well not hear. well not hear how people are better off. the president cannot run on this record. >>reporter: he said that as a consequence, what the democrats are going, is essentially engaging in attack politics. people have to be careful about that because there are a lot of glass houses and stones being thrown. both are throwing more attack ads than ever before. there is always an increase in spending and a negative politicking in campaigning. this time around there has been more than ever before. it is disproportionate jump, now, with nine weeks from tomorrow is the actual election,
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and we will hear from republicans all week long in north carolina. marco rubio, and the governor of south carolina, and the governor of oklahoma, all will be dispatched to keep up the noise of overshadowing and undercutting or sharing the spotlight that democrats hope to get the majority of this week. >>shepard: with congressman ryan doing the heavy lifting what is the governor doing this week? >>carl: well, today, he was doing boating on the lake, taking labor labor day "down" with his family. this is a quiet day, but the real work starts tomorrow when they move to vermont. anything but a battleground, they are democratic. the form lt. governor of massachusetts, who was the governor's number two when he ran the state, he will act as the obama stand in, doing debate
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preparation on tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. this is coordinated by the woman who ran the vice presidential search for mitt romney and he is protective of the governor's time so do not expect a lot of appearances the next three days. it is time for serious book learning and for rehearsing for october. there will be three face offs and a vice presidential debate. there we can see one debate a week throughout the entire month of october. we talk about october surprises but the surprise could be debates each week not final month of the campaign trail. >>shepard: like christmas in oakland county. thank you, carl, great to see you. the fighting in syria killed 5,000 people just last month. as that toll skyrocketed, western leaders are learning about weapons that could make it worse. the president says governor romney's acceptance speech was
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so old fashioned it could have been broadcast in black and white. more from the campaign trail and a preview of the convention here in charlotte, north carolina. this is "studio b" at fox for america's choice on cable. [ mother ] you can't leave the table till you finish your vegetables. [ clock ticking ] [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love. could've had a v8...
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>>shepard: 14 minutes par the hour on "studio b" with another world power promising a blistering and massive attack if the syrian government deploys
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chemical weapons. the french foreign minister says, now, that he is continuing talks with other western nations, including the united states, about their response to the syrian civil war. remember, last month, our president drew a line in the sand saying our plans for possible military involvement would change if syria uses or even moves their potentially deadly chemical weapons. president obama's remarks came at height of the election season, of course, that same week, governor romney said fell elected he would send u.s. troops to syria to keep those weapons from falling into the wrong hands. the violence has reportedly reached a new milestone: according to groups in the country, 5,000 people were killed in syria's civil war during the month of august, alone. if true, it is the highest one-month death toll since the crisis started to unfold more than 17 months ago. the chief fox correspondent, jonathan hunt, is in new york city with that report. a new united nations envoy is
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taking over for kofi annan but he does not sound optimistic. >>jonathan: he does not. he is a well traveled algerian diplomat, who, in fact, brought about an end to the lebanese civil war in 1990. but he described bringing peace to syria as "nearly impossible." he went on to say and i quote, "i'm scared of the weight of the responsibility. people are already saying people are dying, what are you doing to help? indeed, we are not doing much." he also describes himself as standing in front of what he sees as a brick wall right now. he is looking for cracks in the brick wall, he said to give him an opportunity but he clearly is not very optimistic at all. >>shepard: it doesn't sound like it. the presidential candidates, both sides, neither is making much of an issue out of the syrian conflict at all. >>jonathan: foreign policy, in
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general, is largely absent from this campaign and syria, in particular. this is interesting: we had our researchers look at all the republican national convention speeches from last week. two mentions of syria during the entire week. one from senator john mccain. the other was from form secretary of state condoleeza rice. she mentioned syria briefly, talking more generally about leadership. on the campaign trail, last week, again, according to our researchers, president obama made not a single mention of syria. of course, foreign policy is that kind of area that can bring about the so-called october surprise that carl cameron referenced just a short time ago, so, it could yet play a major role particularly if the chemical weapons come into use in any way, shape or form in syria. >>shepard: thank you from new york. the former ambassador to the united nations is with us in charlotte, and the former
3:18 pm
governor of new mexico. it sounds if there are now, they are ming over cities with tanks, et cetera, and the world stands by and watches. >>guest: what you are seeing, though, is increased recognition that the world has to do more. >>shepard: but what? >>guest: more equipment to the rebels. it will be more communications of weapons. it will be, perhaps, shifting from nonlethal to lethal. the president of the united states if syria uses chemical weapons all bets are off in terms of using weapons, small weapons, to help the rebels. now, i don't think governor romney's solution makes sense, to send american troops. we do not need another iraq or afghanistan. this is a very serious situation. but we have to weigh what u.s. presidents do to the syrian opposition. it could hurt them. the population, there, doesn't
3:19 pm
want it but, at the same time, we have to stand behind the people that are getting killed. turkey and saudi arabia need to open up humanitarian corridors. the international community has to tighten sanctions. but anything at the u.n. is tough because of russia and china vetoing any initiative to tighten the sanctions. we are in a quandary. the best development, as i see, the internal process in syria is turning against assad. he is losing support as people are leaving. >>shepard: they are leaving the country, not him. you read in major newspapers over the weekend that people are having as they come in and mow over their towns they are going to the refugee camps had jordan and other places and dropping off their families and coming back to fight. >>guest: but his top people, assad's top generals, we are seeing defectors. you are seeing the army question him. the elite are saying, this may not go on much longer.
3:20 pm
that is the internal erosion. >>shepard: but what about stuff we do not hear? >>guest: we are seeing a lost internal dissent in his cabinet, in his parliament, among his supporters. we are seeing his friends like the russians and chinese, especially the russians, getting tougher and saying, you have to do something. you can not just keep mowing people down and not start talks with the rebels. the pressure is increasing. what we need to do is with russia and china, convince them, that they are the big backers of a losing effort. >>shepard: we have not been able to do that yet. governor, thank you. when democrats make their party platform they will become the first major party to endorse marriage equality. we will look at what voters can learn from the platform here in charlotte, as we are ready for the democratic national convention. happy labor day to you, viewers.
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>>shepard: continuing coverage of the democratic national convention is here going tomorrow in democratic national convention. a new poll out fines that voters are less interested than the speeches and more focused on lending about the party platforms. democrats ratify the delegates approved last month. they tackled hot button issues including abortion and immigration and for the first time, the platform endorseed same-sex marriage. those issue could go a long way in swaying some voters. james is outside the arena here in charlotte. james?
3:25 pm
>>reporter: afternoon. as the democrats prepare to renominate the nominee, they believe their party platform resembles the views of the nation. they cite as evidence the fact that one plank calls for an increase in the federal minimum wage which has remained at $7.25 an hour since july of 2009. the platform endorsed same-sex marriage which is gaining greater acceptance among americans. on abortion, the aides sought to underscore the contrast between the democratic plank which is strongly pro choice with that of the republicans, which is strongly pro life. >> the stated position of mitt romney's republican party is they would ban abortion in all forms including in the case of rape or incest and limit access to birth control. the republican platform is radical document. if you want to know where the parties are headed, or where the candidates are headed, it is worth taking a look at the documents to see the road map.
3:26 pm
>>reporter: the most the recent polling on this issue suggests that this plank could potentially hurt the democratic ticket. a gallup poll taken four months ago found half of all adults identify themselves at pro life and only four in ten call themselves pro choice. that exceeded the margin of error in that poll of plus or minus ten percentage points. and the democratic national conventionment form calls for comprehensive immigration reform which could be controversial in the southwestern border states. >>shepard: thank you, james, from outside the arena. the president is campaigning in ohio today, a state that could be key in determining the election. we will hear what he is saying about last week's republican conventions and his rivals' campaign message next. and more on what to expect from the democrats next week, coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news live, today from charlotte, north carolina.
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>>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour. live this afternoon from charlotte, north carolina. the campaign is in battle state of ohio before headed to louisiana to check out the flood damage. he took aim at his rival from remarks from the convention. >> re-cap of what they said: the economy's bad. it's all obama's fault. and governor romney has the secret to creating jobs. when governor romney had his chance to let new on the secret sauce of job creation, he did not offer you a single new idea. >>shepard: he spoke to the unionized auto workers.
3:31 pm
shannon, the president is trying to rally the union base. >>reporter: he was. it is an important constituency for him. they were out in full force in ohio today. it is campaign season but the contenders are talking a lot about football season, using that terminology to go after each other. romney this weekend said that the president is like the failed coach of a struggling football team. the president returned the favor today, taking folks at the ohio rally down by down through romney's economic plan and giving them this advise. >> that fair playbook, that fair economic plan, and i've got a piece of advice for you about the romney-ryan game plan, ohio, bump it away. it won't work. it won't win the game. you don't need that coach. that's a losing season. >>guest: as you know, college
3:32 pm
football is very serious business this time of year in ohio so we will see how the remarks play. >>shepard: very serious everywhere. republicans spent a last time trying to convince people that the president had raided medicare and the president came out swinging on that one today. >>guest: who did. the republicans have been on offense on a topic that a lost politicians want do stay away from when you are talking about reshaping and reforming entitlements. republicans have pointed to the health care law saying it take $716 away from medicare and today he said he was throwing a flag on the romney-ryan plan saying it will mean seniors have to pay more and have less options down the road. he says it is the wrong way, the wrong path to take. the president is now on the move again. he is set to be in new orleans in a couple of hours to survey the damage from hurricane isaac and meet with victims there. >>shepard: shannon, thank you from the white house. well, we will bring in our political panel. we have moved to the floor of the democratic national
3:33 pm
convention of the the first lady is back this. in fact, up in the upper level interviewing with another network so we decided to bring in another fox news contributor from the left, and from the right we have associate editor of the hill and kirsten powers. what do you think the biggest thing that the president needs to accomplish? >> convince people to vote for him again. >>shepard: but how? >>guest: he will do a lot of different things. he is going to look back at last four years and try to tell them, in not so many words, your life is better off when he came in, the economy was losing jobs and now it is gaping job. he will spend time on foreign policy, where he is getting high remarks and contrast with romney and ryan the economy. >>shepard: the republicans think he is abandoning israel.
3:34 pm
>> they do but because mitt romney failed to mention our war in afghanistan in his speech and was criticized not only by the democrats but by republicans, as well, the democrats will take an opportunity here to highlight, as kirsten said, the areas where the president hand strong on foreign policy, where he has had national security success, and he will highlight the fact we are at war and we have men and women overseas in our longest ever war in afghanistan, and he has a land to draw it down. it is an unpopular war. >>shepard: it is not going well. >>guest: it is not. but he is going to highlight the commander in chief credentials because mitt romney decided not to discuss the unpopular war. with regard to the economy, president obama needs to make the case he inher resulted a -- inherited a crumbling economy built on a house of cards. republicans will take you back there, that is what he will tell the public. it is not stable yet but it is
3:35 pm
headed in the right direction. the republicans will bring us right back down. >>shepard: he made many promises many of which we have been playing over and over again. including the number of jobs. we have fewer people employed than when he came to office. >>guest: look, when he came to office we were in a free small, basically, losing 700,000 jobs in the first month. he can say, yes, we are not where we need to be but we are adding jobs. we are moving in the right direction. what he will continue to say, if you go with romney you will go back to the bush years. the republicans are making a mistake right now. paul ryan is out today doing this, are you better off than four years ago? four years ago george bush was president. we --. >>shepard: that reminds republicans of reagan. >>guest: but it reminds most people of bush. so, basically, when obama brings up bush, what happens, they say you are going back to bush. now, they are going back to bush. four years ago bush was
3:36 pm
president. if you want to have that debate, were we better off then or today? there is no question we are better off today. there is not, it is, this is absolutely no question. >>shepard: all the presidents men and women had a hard time answering that. >>guest: it is a foe tenth -- potent question. no doubt. very unhappy electorate, all the wrong numbers are high as in the bush presidency. president obama's record is unpopular. a potent question. a couple more bad jobs report, we are looking at three more, it will be, you know, it will be very helpful to romney if independents break his way for the challenger --. >>shepard: which they usually do >>guest: right, over a tough economy. it is the case that obama will make. but it is a tough sell, 8.4 percent unemployment doesn't get you re-elected. >>shepard: it never has. thank you both. >> known terror plot from a
3:37 pm
known terror cell is underway and they believe these terrorists were trying to make attacks only nuclear plants and military bases. we have all the details coming up in a moment and it will be a look time before it is back to normal for the people of the gulf south. we spent the whole week down there last week and so much progress they made has been turned around. the aftermath of hurricane isaac coming up. questions. when you're caring for a loved one with alzheimer's, not a day goes by that you don't have them. questions about treatment where to go for extra help, how to live better with the disease. so many questions, where do you start? the answers start here.
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energy is being produced to power our lives. while energy development comes with some risk, north america's natural gas producers are committed to safely and responsibly providing generations of cleaner-burning energy for our country, drilling thousands of feet below fresh water sources within self-contained well systems. and, using state-of-the-art monitoring technologies, rigorous practices help ensure our operations are safe and clean for our communities and the environment. we're america's natural gas. >>shepard: a suicide blast in pakistan happened in the northwestern part of the country wounding two dozen including two americans. the bomber rammed into an
3:41 pm
armored s.u.v. throwing the engine 20' from the scene. no group has claimed responsibility but the suspicion falls on taliban who have targeted americans inside pakistan. the same terror group linked to the string of deadly attacks against india back in 2008 planned to conduct new strikes on nuclear facilities and military posts across that country. now more than a dozen suspects are under arrest. remember four years ago the cops say militants coordinated attack s inside india's largest cities, and more than 150 people died including six americans, hundreds of others wounded. india blamed terror group based in pakistan for orchestrating the mumbai attacks and the arrest could ratchet up the tension between the to nations. and catherine is in washington, dc, this afternoon. what are we learning of the suspects and the targets in this case? >>reporter: the targets
3:42 pm
including the naval base in india, which is in the arabian sea offering support and maintenance for india and can be used as a base for the submarines of india. and another target was a nuclear plant 300 miles from the city of bangalore, the third largest nuclear facility. 18 suspects have been arrested including this man. we do not know the strength of the evidence beyond the cell phone and laptops and cash were confiscated by india authorities. >>shepard: what are we learning about the groups? >>guest: no official comment on the arrests here in washington, dc, but the state department's top counterterrorism advisor said the group remains a bad actor. i have not seen any decrease in
3:43 pm
this group. >> they are members of two pakistan terrorist groups including one who is such a threat he was droned by the c.i.a. in pakistan in june of 2011 and seen as a possible replacement for osama bin laden. india's equivalent of the homeland security secretary said today that only two men trained in pakistan and the others received support from their handlers in saudi arabia. >>shepard: thank you, catherine, from capitol hill. president obama is on the way to the gulf coast to see the damage from hurricane isaac days after the storm hit. many neighborhoods are still underwater and hundreds of thousands do not have power. many evacuated have been living in shelters or staying with friends or relatives. while the water is receding in many spots it could be quite some time for some of the low-lying areas do dry out. casey has been there since the
3:44 pm
storm hit. we understand that isaac has claimed another life, casey? >>casey: yes, sad news to pass along this afternoon. officials over in everson parish say that a 90-year-old man has died not because of floodwaters or not because he could not physically be rescued but because of heat in his home with no power 125,000 homes without power, still, and while that is significantly down from the more than 700,000 who were in the dark at the height the storm, that means no air conditioning for those people. it is very hot here. i can tell you it is very humid here because all of the rain that has fallen on this region. clearly, it is now taking its toll. eight here in the united states now dead, blamed on hurricane isaac, six in louisiana, and two in mississippi. >>shepard: you have to worry about the west nile outbreak that happened in texas. a lot people have been able to
3:45 pm
get back to their houses, right, casey? >>casey: all evacuation orders have been lifted although a number of homes are still uninhabitable. but the people in those situations are going into the waterlogged neighborhoods by boat. they trying to salvage anything they can from their lives, like this woman from plaquemines par parish. the damage is nowhere near what hurricane katrina causeed. rather there is more damage and destruction here, today, than there was for katrina. ask train was terrible. >>casey: that sentiment is being echoed by a lost people in the outlaying parishes. the city of new orleans did well in terms of flooding but north, south, east, and wet of us, a lot of the low-lying parishes were inundated with water.
3:46 pm
>>shepard: thank you, casey. a thousand miles to the notes, remnants of isaac soaked the washington, dc, area, and that area reportedly got up to 5" of rain in some spots stranding cars and several train stations were forced to shut down for a few hours this morning. officials say it is back up and running now across the nation's capitol. as democrats prepare to kick things off in charlotte republicans are making sure that folks hear their message. well show you what they have planned and huge flames chasing families from the catch grounds. more ahead from the democratic national convention. [ male announcer ] there's a better way... v8 v-fusion. vegetable nutrition they need, fruit taste they love.
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>>shepard: the democrats take center stage in charlotte this weeks but republicans making sure the message shares some of the spotlight. it is a tactic called bracketing, with the g.o.p. sending the biggest stars to charlotte offering a republican counterparts. the democrats planned this last week in tampa with vice president biden but that never happened because of the last-second shuffling for hurricane isaac. john roberts has the news outside the arena in charlotte. >>reporter: in conventioned past when a party held the convention, the opposition would lay low for the week out of respect and would allow them to save money and rest up their people for the fight ahead but with the explosion of facebook and 24 hour news you cannot afford to let a moment go by. so the republican national convention set autopsy war room here in charlotte and staffed it with convention people, people who are putting out the message to strike to surround and distract from the message coming from the democratic national
3:51 pm
convention and respond to any attacks from the floor. congressman of utah has been brought in to get the word out. >> something happens, someone says something crazy or stupid you want to be there to respond to it immediately and not let them get away with something that they should not get away with. >> the republican national convention is bringing in the big stars from tampa such as south carolina governor haley, and the governor of oklahoma and virginia, and senator marco rubio. and it was kicked off with a 1:00 o'clock press conference today and the republicans' first bracket message. here it is. >> today, the thrill the president obama presidency is gone. americans feel no hope and have seen the change not worst. democrats are disspirited and enthusiasm is on the respect side. it is for a simple reason: the simple reason is after four
3:52 pm
years of president obama, we are not better off. >>reporter: are you better off than four years ago is a phrase that ronald reagan used to the oval office in 1980 but this time the republicans are using it as the skunk at the garden party. >>shepard: thousands of people spending part of labor day to escape a fast-moving brushfire outside of los angeles home to the very popular campgrounds around the holidays. officials evacuated the expire area including a mobile home park and rehab facilities. look at this giant plume of smoke from the fire. it is incredible. folks say they could see the clouds from all across los angeles. now to west los angeles. >>reporter: it broke out at midday and the cause is under investigation. you mentioned the evacuation,
3:53 pm
the area usually has 12,000 people on the holiday weekend to use this for all forts of -- sorts of activists. they have been brought out because they could get in the way. firefighters need every inch of access. more than 4,000 actioners have burned and they are telling us it is just 5 percent containedded and 400 firefighters are battling the blaze. if you come in by 9 plane, the mountains to the right as you come in to lax, an area that is remote but, at the same time, an area used by so many people this time of year. there are a number of helicopters and planes battling this type. it hand a tough fire season so far with a number of major fires in california and every single western state has had multiple large fires. many of the states have exceeded their fire budget for the entire year and there is still two months left to go.
3:54 pm
also, we are told a small fire has just started up near ventura, california, and firefighters are responding. the idea is to get the fires early before they have a chance to spread. >>shepard: that is the theory. it seems russell crowe ran into trouble in the kayak and called to members of the coast guard. we will get to that in a moment as we report live from charlotte ahead of "your world," with neil cavuto. ♪ [ male announcer ] you've reached the age where you don't back down from a challenge. this is the age of knowing how to make things happen. sowhy let erectile dysfunction get in your way? talk to your doctor about viagra.
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starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news. >>shepard: three minutes to neil cavuto. russell crowe says he would like to thank the united states coast guard for helping him. on saturday night, the coast guard officials say that he
3:58 pm
called them after he got a, he and a friend were lost on the kayak after sunset in the wars off long island. the officers let the two hop on their boat, naturally, they got a picture. that's russell crowe there in the center. this says. and he has quite a beard. and he has been eating well. the officers say it was not a rescue they gave him a ride, no big deal, after he sent out this tweet and i quote, "thanks to the boys from the coast guard for guiding the way." then this before we wrap it up, searchers in new jersey released the results of a new poll. according to professors at rutgers, 20 percent of new jersey voters have at least one tattoo. the researchers released findings in "jersey shore canceled but tattoos live on." the results show that ink is
3:59 pm
more popular with younger voters, 40 percent of those born after 1980 have at least one and the numbers is solidly in president obama's camp. jersey shore is finished. but ink lives on down the shore. that is it for "studio b" today. a look around the place, i tell you of a life that happened on saturday night, if you have been doing your weekend stuff, the secret service has recovered a stolen rental truck that was carrying equipment for the vice president biden's labor day trip to detroit stolen on sunday outside the cadillac hotel and found monday, today, in a parking lot three miles or as the wire service says, five kilometers away with no weapons on board. they declined to sa


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